Modern Mountain Retreat

You don't have to live in Aspen to feel like you live the good life every day.

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Start by drawing attention to nature.

Even if you don't live in the mountains, by emphasizing windows and natural materials you can make your home feel like you're nestled in the woods. The key is to balance natural or rustic elements, like wood and stone, with contemporary creature comforts, like good lighting and soft blankets.

If you have an excellent view, capitalize upon it by arranging furniture to enjoy. If your view isn't great you can still enhance the mood by framing windows with dramatic curtains to emphasize natural light. Dark curtains and walls will draw the eye outside.

Use warm tones to create feelings of coziness. Large scale furniture pieces, along with eclectic and modern pieces will make your space feel contemporary and unique. Avoid sterility. Achieve this by using your natural scenery for inspiration and using happy colors on accessories.

Emphasize views and natural elements.

Blending indoors with outdoors is a must when creating the mood of a mountain retreat.

This doesn't mean you have to move or add windows. You can play with what you have by adding plants and greenery. Using wood, stone, wool and wicker are also good choices.

Use natural colors on walls and accessories. Colors like brown, green and orange blend the line between inside and out. Soft and cozy fibers, like velvet and wool, can be used on blankets and furniture.

Wood, glass, stone and wicker are all excellent choices, as well. Use them on mirrors, lighting and decor. Don't forget about flooring and rugs, either.

Metal is a natural material you can use on accents and accessories. Put happy reminders for a peaceful mood around your home.

Classic wood and black side tables provide a place to set decorative items, and a place to set your drinks. Not everything in your room needs to match exactly, don't be afraid to mix and match within your color palette.

Put soft, velvety pillows on your furniture to make anyone want to sit and stay a while.

Soft and comfortable materials make your home feel like a cozy and comfortable place to relax.

Use metal and wood baskets to corral clutter and to hold decorative objects like plants and vases.

Put modern art on the wall, in organic shapes and colors, to blend contemporary with rustic.

Adding living things to your environment is always going to improve your mood. Find a bright spot out of direct sunlight and provide 2-3 cups of water per week.

Small faux plants work well on shelves, tables or in baskets. Bonus, no watering or worrying about sunlight.

Make room to relax.

Using large, distinctive furniture in natural tones and textures gives you a warm inviting place to sit and rest. Leather and linen are good durable options that are long wearing and easy to clean. Using wood or black on exposed feet is a way to keep the look elevated, with light flowing beneath furniture, and contemporary with minimal lines.

Next, add elements of luxury, such as soft pillows and plush blankets. Use natural fibers like wool, and cashmere, or soft synthetic fabrics like fake fur. Mixing in fluffy textures on furniture, walls and floors is an inviting way to make the whole room feel comfortable and cozy.

Blend indoors and out by using wood, metal and stone. Mix and match these elements in your accessories and use them on shelves, tables and walls.

Don't forget about your floors and walls. Soft rugs and window treatments emphasize feelings of restfulness and home. Use a cohesive color palette and frame windows to draw the eye outside.

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