How to Get a Cohesive Design for Any Room

Start with a color palette you love.

The best way to achieve a cohesive color palette is simply pick one from a color palette website like or which has colors that you are instinctively drawn to.

You can also upload your own photo, from a piece of clothing or art that you really like, to Or, perhaps you have a vacation photo that inspires a certain mood you love. Canva will generate a custom color palette directly from your image.

  • Take your custom color palette to your local paint store, and don't forget to look at the discount section to score a deal.
  • Bring your custom color palette with you when you go to stores and sales as you shop for furniture and accessories.

Plan to use each color at least a few times. For example, on the bed, the windows and the accessories. Use the next color on the walls, rug and pillows.

The next color can be your guide for the furniture, blankets and lighting.

Repeat the process until the room is done, using a new color from your palette on each of the next few items.

Focal Points

It is so important to have focal points in every room design. I think it's a good idea to look at each perspective, or view, of the room as a separate vignette.

  • Create a focal point in each direction.
  • Use contrasting shapes and colors to create your focal points.

The bed itself is always an easy dress up. Make the bed a focus by making up it nicely with a beautiful set of sheets and blankets, with stacks of pillows.

Another option is to use to use the wall behind the bed. By painting the wall, using wood details or architectural framing you can easily create a focal point.

Windows and lighting are also options.

When creating a focal point use contrasting shapes and colors. For example if your wall is the focal point, use a different shade of paint than the bed. If the bed is the focal point use different colored pillows. If the window is the focal point change the colors of the dressings.

Black and White

Next, don't underestimate the colors black and white.

By using these colors in a limited fashion, such as singly on a piece of furniture or a statement light fixture, you give the eye another place to rest within the room.

Our eyes naturally seek out similarities and differences. By using these colors in a small ways, allowing them to be the difference found within a repeating color palette, it creates a nice balance that makes a room feel comfortable and finished.

Natural Tones

Wood tones, reeds, grasses and flowers are a great way to make a room feel like home.

Lastly, natural textures and fibers add a feeling of warmth and comfort that is easy to pick up on. Baskets, rugs and blankets are a good way to bring in these elements, and finish the room design.

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