Inspired Design Tips for a Living Room You'll Love

Everybody needs a place to just chill. For most of us that room is the living room. Living rooms are often the first room you enter, and the room that you'll share most with your guests. A well designed living room is going to not only invite you in, but make you want to stay. The stakes don't need to be high, however. By following a few well thought out design steps, such as for planning the space and selecting your furniture with intention, your living room can become the beautiful, comfortable space you desire.

Start planning with what you have

First things first. Measure your space in order to start planning your design, Don't skip time spent on the planning phase. Jumping in might seem like more fun, but by trusting the process you will save time and money when you invest in a little prep work.

  • Figure out which pieces of furniture you will need to replace or repurpose and spend a little time reviving them if needed.
  • Determine your color palette and shop your house first for furniture, accessories, pillows.
  • Use windows, fireplaces and other architectural details as focal points and to determine the best layout.

If you don't know where to start books are usually a good choice. This book is fat with inspiration in nearly every style you can think of.

Color can improve your mood and inspire relation. Use color in your home to your own advantage to create the feelings and emotions you most want to feel. Don't know how? Read a book!

Stay organized

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Let there be Light

Lighting does more than keep you from tripping as you navigate a room, although that is important, too. You may be tempted to put a light in the ceiling and call it a day. It's important to remember to include other kinds of lighting, as well. Ideally, you will have a source of natural light, overhead lighting, lamp light at mid height, and task lighting by chairs and desks.

Balance Beauty and Function

A living room is a room by definition meant to be lived in. This means balancing form and utility. Many pieces have utility built in, such as storage ottomans and two tiered side tables. It's important not to let usefulness overrule design, however, and make sure to choose pieces that make you happy for their beauty, too.

Bring in some greenery

If you want to breathe some life into a space nothing else has the power of plants. If you've never grown plants before don't be scared. Many houseplants are easy to grow in all kinds of conditions including low light and water needs. There are plenty of resources, such as TheSill and OurHouseplants are designed to make the process easy, filled with tips and ideas. If you're still not sure, don't be afraid to go faux. Fake plants have been proven to improve the mood in just the same way that real plants do. Check out this article from Maryville University for an interesting read on the topic.

Use repetition, in color and other elements, in your design to satisfy the mind.

Using a repeating elements, such as color and texture, within a cohesive color scheme will help your room feel cohesive and finished. You don't have to use exact copies, either. In fact, variations on a central color scheme will provide the most visual interest while providing the most impact.

Repeating natural elements provides the same visual satisfaction. Greenery repeated throughout a room acts as a visual tie, connecting the threads of your space. You can also layer other natural elements, such as wool rugs and blankets, throughout the room.