How to Get an Inspired Kitchen Design

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Good kitchen design has a few vital elements.

A good work triangle with a functional floor plan are two of them. Another one is considering storage and making your kitchen feel like the heart of your home that it will likely function as.

  • Use a room design tool to solidify your ideas before you hire a designer or head to the store.
  • Keep your plan handy with you throughout the process to keep yourself moving forward, though this doesn't mean your plan won't change, as it likely will.
  • Here are a few websites with great kitchen planning tools.

Investing a little time and money in planning upfront can save you time and more in the end. Books like The Perfect Kitchen by Barbara Sallick are meant to help you.

Start with what you have.

There is no need to start ripping out sinks or moving walls right away.

Take your time considering whether or not you really need to move anything at all. Moving the location of key elements, such as where the stove or fridge goes, will be the most costly part of your renovation. Many problems can be fixed by improving flow and storage without moving utilities.

Designers and Architects are worth their weight in gold.

It might seem counterintuitive but spending money upfront on a professional can save you thousands in the end.

Professionals have expertise in finding solutions and can also help save time by giving you a plan in hand, so you complete tasks in the correct order and other things like these that you may not know or remember on your own. Time is money, as they say, and especially so in the building trades.

When looking for a designer your best bet is to start with a trusted source. Use The National Kitchen and Bath Association for a list of accredited and licenced designers in your state.

You can read this Better Homes and Gardens article with tips on finding a good designer to help jumpstart the process.

Apartment Therapy has a great article here on all the different experts you might encounter on your journey from designers to contractors and more.

You can also find designers ready to get to work for you on sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

  • Be aware that designers on these sites are more likely to still be in school, so you can find good prices but some may lack in experience so you need to do your vetting.
  • These sites can be great for single tasks, too, like creating an Ikea layout for you, or re-facing cabinets.
  • Make sure you know if you are paying for a whole project, or if there is a charge for modifications, and be sure to get a contract.

Bring in Your Personal Touch

Your personal taste can come through in the colors you choose, as well as the textures and accessories. Rugs are another great way to show your personality. It's important to avoid accumulating junk on your counters and keep clutter to a minimum.

Have a Plan.

Using a plan helps keep everything moving in the right direction.

It also makes sure you don't skip any steps, or miss any important features you will wish you had later. Planning ahead also makes it easier when you go to shop.

Don't Demo Everything Automatically.

As with anything, the eyes of an expert can help you with sussing out the best places to save and spend.

It's always going to be more cost effective and less wasteful to use what you have before ripping things out and starting over.

Paints and epoxies can be used on cabinets, counters and more. Marble is a look you can buy or make. You don't have to be an expert, either.

Storage Solutions

Prioritizing storage and organization in your design is key to well functioning kitchen. There are so many amazing storage options that can be used to configure drawers and cupboards, making them much more functional than they would be otherwise. Take advantage of these everywhere you can. Don't forget to utilize space in corners and above cabinets.

Kitchen drawer organizers, like this expandable one, help you keep your things easily at hand.

Vertical storage is great for pot lids, sheet pans, Tupperware, plates etc.