Black and White Farmhouse Kitchen.

You can have the comfort and charm of an old farm without the extra chores. Even if your house was built yesterday you can easily get the look. Get this classic look and feel in any home.

Start with black, white and natural tones.

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If you can't redo your whole kitchen you can add white and glass on the side. Sideboard Erinnyees Modern Wood

Wooden utensils and accessories, like bamboo, are durable, charming accessories.

Bowls are nice for use or display on open shelves. Lipper International Bamboo Bowl

Another key to this design is the use of natural elements. Barnyard Designs Farmhouse Herb Garden

Adding black in several places is the key to this design. A hood like this is a great option. SNDOAS Black Range Hood

Marble is a classic choice for a farmhouse kitchen. Using it in a backsplash gives you lots of options. Stone Center Online Carrara White Marble

Using glass objects is a classic way to give a clean, finished look to your kitchen.
Suwimut Set of 3 Glass Apothecary Jars with Lids

Another piece of this look is the vintage style black pendant lighting. Black Industrial Pendant Lights

Add in natural elements and "green".

An inviting atmosphere is essential to any farmhouse kitchen.

You can get the look by balancing black and white with natural and neutral textures and tones. Wood is the perfect choice. You can bring wood into your kitchen by using it on accessories, countertops and/or furniture.

Marble is a classic traditional choice. If you can't or don't want to splurge on marble counters (they do stain, sometimes) it is easy to find lots of choices in the tile department. Your backsplash is the perfect spot for it. Just don't forget to seal it if the thought of sauce splatters bothers you.

Don't forget the power of plants. Green is like your pop of color in this design. Bringing plants into a room, whether real or artificial, always adds an element of nature.

Marble comes in many shades and tones, with many different kinds of veining. You can try to match your tones for a crisp classic look. Don't worry so much, using multiple shades of white, for a comfortable homey design.

The key to this design is a simple color palette and using lots of natural elements.

Try to use as much white as you can, in as large of spaces as you can. You can paint cabinets and counters, but you don't have to. You can use white on the backsplash, counters,, walls, furniture and other large pieces accessories instead. Use black sparingly on a couple of big focal points.

The same tip goes for using marble. You don't have to replace your countertops. Using marble on your backsplash, open shelves and accessories gives you the rustic vibe without the trouble of a big renovation.

Natural elements are easy to place in the kitchen in the form of herbs, nuts, grains that are all naturally within this color palette, checking both boxes at once.

Glass and wood are two more key elements to solidify this design. Get more bang by displaying wood tone nuts and grains. Glass Storage Jars [Set of 5] 

Black hardware on open shelves displaying vintage tools would be an easy way to tick several boxes for this farmhouse look. Dseap Pots and Pans Hanging Rail

Vintage accessories can be used just for display, or get a new one that just has the look and give it the vintage look yourself. Calypso Basics Powder Coated Enameled Colander

Lots of options to choose from for black and white furniture. COSTWAY Black and White Swivel Stools

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