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We love collecting ideas from unique and beautiful home designs, room designs and gardens. We use these ideas to create mood boards and blog articles filled with clever, approachable swaps and easy solutions.

We think anywhere you live can bring you a sense of joy and satisfaction to your life every time you walk through the door, or look out a window. Sharing beautiful ideas and making it easy to emulate them in order to achieve these feelings is the driving force behind why we do what we do.

So please, welcome yourself here, feel free to sit back and dig into our ideas, and then use them as you see fit to create and enjoy the space you love!

Inspired Room Design was started by Rebecca Swift in August of 2022. Rebecca previously worked in construction and home design for seven years. In her free time Rebecca paints and plays music.

What people are saying about The Flattery Room

"I really like the mood boards. It's a fun way that they make it easy to figure out your style and get a finished look."

Becky S.

"I really like the advice. It's so helpful to know why a design looks good, and what exactly to do to get that same look for my own home."

Holly W.

"I really never knew how to make my house look good. They make it so easy to get a room that looks good and understand why so I can apply those ideas to other rooms in my house. I love it."

Pat M.

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